Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns



Shipping rates are provided at the time of checkout for the items placed in your Shopping Cart. We ship only within Canada and the USA. We offer FREE delivery and shipping within the lower mainland. We reserve the right to inform our customers of any additional shipping costs that may apply when processing the shipment (this may apply to customers living in limited access areas or PO BOX addresses). We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to goods if you instruct the postal delivery company to leave your purchase unattended. After two failed delivery attempts (or if you are not home for an agreed delivery) the goods may be returned to us and we reserve the right to charge you an additional re-delivery charge. If you change your delivery address once the goods have been sent to you, we reserve the right to extra charges made by our postal service providers for redirecting your delivery. 


Returns are only accepted for products that are in new condition and must be returned in the original packaging and packages with care. This means that the product has not been installed, altered, started or ridden. All returns must be emailed for approval in advance at  for a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) for shipping the product(s) back to us. Return shipping and insurance charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Any merchandise returned without prior communication is subject to being refused. We cannot return products that are damaged by neglect or abuse and will not be covered by warranty. The Shipping, Handling and Insurance Fees paid by buyer are NOT included in return credit issued. Please allow up to a 5-business day turnaround time for your exchange to be processed. Damaged product/missing items claims will need to be reported within 48 hours upon receipt of the shipment (or as noted within the UPS/postal service delivery tracking system). When submitting a damaged product or missing item report, please include the tracking number assigned for the shipment, order number, pictures for proof, and any other related details to be reviewed. If damages are being reported, please contact and notify the shipping company to ensure that they are aware. Upon review of the report, we will then communicate with the buyer to determine the appropriate action. We require up to 5 business days in order to review damaged reports. NO damaged goods/missing items reports received after 48 hours from the delivery date reflected by the tracking information will be taken into consideration-we will assume that the buyer is fully satisfied  and all completed sales are final. Missing accessories will result in a reduced credit amount by the actual replacement cost of those items. Customer is subject to bear shipping fees for replacement parts. Clearance items are FINAL SALE, no refunds allowed. 

Lost Shipments/Items Not Received 

We email and provide all customers with tracking information for their orders when their order is shipped. Orders are processed and shipped within 2 business days, so should you not receive a tracking number for your order, please notify us and we will promptly provide you with this information. It is our customer's responsibility to monitor the status of their shipment and order. Customers should opt in for the “Signature Required” if there is any risk of loss/theft upon delivery or if the customer is not present to receive the package physically at the time of delivery.  

All e-Bike and Scooter sales are FINAL. 

All goods are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, subject to the terms and conditions of that warranty. 

All returned merchandise is subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

Motorized Nation ebikes reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any portion of this policy in whole or in part, at any time. Due to the nature of some products we are unable to accept returns for them. 

Any additional questions or concerns regarding shipping & returns policy can be directed to 


  • Lithium-Ion batteries (and other rechargeable batteries) are potentially dangerous. Lithium Ion batteries, especially when subjected to abusive conditions, may become hot, explode, and/or ignite and can cause serious injury to person or damage property. Motorized Nation Ebikes holds no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the use of any Lithium-Ion batteries (or other rechargeable batteries). You, the purchaser and/or user of any Lithium-Ion Battery or product containing Lithium-Ion Batteries are responsible for the use of such products.
  • When using a Lithium-Ion battery, never connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to each other with any conductive material (also known as a "short" or "shorting" the battery). This will cause the battery to rapidly discharge energy into the conductive material, heating both the material and the battery, and potentially causing injury or damage from the battery or material becoming hot, igniting, or exploding. Never store your battery with any conductive materials that may short the battery such as necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects.
  • Keeping your battery in a safe location can help reduce, but not necessarily eliminate, the risks associated with using a Lithium-Ion battery. Never expose your battery to water (especially salt water), allow the battery to get wet, nor store the battery in any location where it may come into contact with water. Always keep your battery in a cool location, and out of direct sunlight. The inside of cars can regularly be tens of degrees higher than the outside temperature, especially during summer and when the car is in direct sunlight. Do not place the battery in or near fire, stoves, microwaves, or other heating devices.
  • Always turn your battery off when not in use. Never charge your battery when unattended. Never allow the battery to become overcharged. Even with the use of recommended smart chargers, damaged or malfunctioning batteries can still become overcharged and become hot, ignite, or explode. Due to this risk, never charge your battery unattended. Immediately discontinue use if at any time the battery emits an odor, feels hot, changes shape or color, or appears abnormal in any way. Never use water to cool down an overheated battery. Never compress, put excessive pressure on, or puncture your battery. If for any reason you come into contact with the acid from inside the battery, rinse well with water or vinegar and immediately seek medical care.

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